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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 28, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the driver's seat of her car. >> she had first started crying and just taken aback and then goes go get her and bring her home to me. >> he will keep searching for others. >> community is going to be reeling for a lifetime. i will take the time to be with my family for the next day or so and then i'll be right back out there. >> we will bring you the latest developments from a news conference set to begin moments from now. redirected. 21 days into the hunt for missing malaysia airlines flight 370. investigators now order a major shift in the search area after new radar data show that the plane was flying faster and ran out of fuel sooner. today a military aircraft has already spotted a potential new lead in the search zone, 700
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miles northeast in the indian ocean. >> the search is on there right now. in fact, a new zealand plane has just returned here reporting an object of interest. >> governor chris christie meets the press this afternoon after his offices paid lawyers exxon rate him of wrong doing. the federal and state investigations, it is far from case closed. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the death toll from the landslide in washington has risen to 17. 90 people are still not accounted for. the numbers are expected to change when we get the latest from a press conference that is about to begin in washington
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state. we go to arlington, washington, where i'm joined by nbc's jennifer bjorklund. this is just a horrible accounting and this could turn into one the worst domestic natural disasters in american history. >> reporter: yeah, it is mind boggling the scope of this disaster as crews sift through the rubble, they are doing a very delicate search. the volume of this landslide is enough -- if you put it into terms that are very visual, you could say it's seven empire state buildings. if you had to weigh it, it would be 50 empire state buildings as far as how heavy the land is that fell down on this tiny little town. now, what we can tell you is that they do have the heavy equipment standing by but don't want to use it in case there are survivors. so they are searching cubic foot by cubic foot trying to get
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through it all. in the meantime, in the community, the boy scouts are collecting food. every business has a collection jar out. people are doing everything they can to support those crews in the mountains because as you know, this is a very small town and many of the firefighters and first responders who are out there sifting through this mud are recovering their friends, the people they've known for years and people they grew up with. we did hear one story about a 55-year-old steve neil, a plumber working on somebody's else and just ran out to fix somebody's hot water. they didn't have any and his daughter says they found his body telling the grandchildren is the toughest part. >> jennifer bjorklund, thanks very much. we'll join the press conference from the officials in arlington, washington. >> fatigue of our responders up
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there, some of the folks have been there since day one and that's a huge concern for me. we've brought in professionals to help out with making sure people's needs are taken care of, the responders that have been there since day one and some of the things they are seeing and having to do and emotional toll that's taking. great credit to the washington state patrol and department of fish and game, have the entire chaplain teamworking with not only the people who have lost loved ones but also our emergency responders. they are going to need the help too. they are feeling it right now. we will make sure that they are taken care of and we have. >> did we miss -- >> there's community meeting and those meetings will continue, the first night we had 400 people. last night we had 100 people. this tells us folks are getting the information that they need and we'll continue to do the community meetings there as long as they are necessary and people
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need that. emergency support, the southern baptist organization has arrived in carington and the food canteen is there. this morning they made hot breakfast for all of the students. we want to thank everybody for their continuous donations for the communities affect the by the slide. if you would like to donate, the best thing to do is donate cash. we have enough clothing and those type of things that have been dropped off at different locations in oso and arlington. more information about where to donate can be found online at snohomish county website --
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2-help. we have major businesses in this region. please, if it's something you can do, help these folks up here. some of these people have lost their homes and cars. they have lost their entire families and there's funerals that will need to be paid for. they need to rebuild. and i'm pleading with the community to please dig deep and continue to do -- continue to give them the support we've been giving them from a financial standpoint and donate to the right organizations. >> and with that appeal, we will of course follow-up and pull that up on our facebook page and twitter as well and on the website. you can see the devastation there and the continuing search to recover the victims. but the appeal for help is needed right now. meanwhile, 21 days into another tragedy, the investigation to find mh flight 370. authorities announce that they
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had been off by hundreds of miles in their search of the southern indian ocean. they are combing a new area today, five aircraft already spotted objects of interest they say in that new area where they suspect the plane may have run out of fuel and crashed. the new search zone is 680 miles seeflt of where a fleet has been searching all week. this latest credible lead bringing the search back to square one, joining me now is ian williams from perth australia and on the phone, greg feith. how could they have been off by 680 miles? i don't understand how the radar data could have been misinterpreted. they lost critical time as we know the black box only have possibly as long as 30 days. >> reporter: that's right, andrea, a few days left of pings
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on that black box if it is indeed go to be a month. that will run out on the 8th of april. it is astounding the analysis of the radar has taken along time and we're told it was a reevaluation of the radar data and in conjunction by the way with boeing, looking at our perimeters that they decided it must have been flying faster, used more fuel and come down earlier. hence this radical shift of search site, which may -- it now appears of course that all of those multiple satellite spottings and other spottings from aircraft that we saw way down south were maybe false leads because experts here are saying it's inconceivable that would be the same debris if the plane did come down in this new area that's been examined. within hours of going into this new area, the worthy sightings, five planes seeing they had seen objects floating in the ocean.
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a new zealand air force plane described a number of small light or white objects and that was confirmed by an australian plane that said it also had seen rectangular objects, maybe gray or blue in color. they took photographs which they are examining overnight. but they are being cautious. obviously they don't want to say anything too early because we have seen so many false leads and stuff that might have been debris turning out to be something else. they have now tasked a chinese ship that's already in that area to go to this spot tomorrow, saturday and to try and pluck these items out of the water to see what they are. experts here in western australia are cautioning in this particular area, closer though it is to the mainland, easier to get to, there's more junk out there then there is down south where they were searching before. so they are cautious but this is an early and encouraging lead.
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we should know more about it tomorrow, andrea. >> greg, maybe you can help me understand how the radar could be re-evaluated 21 days into the disaster and if this confirms with the fact that there are military secrets here in satellite data and you have the t thais and indians and chinese and americans and australians and not completing cooperating and not giving their most high definition radar pictures, satellite pictures, rather because of military secrecy. >> well, the first thing, andrea, is the radar data. the most probably credible radar data was of course the initial data that had the datablock from air traffic control. the time be had redefined. then they only had a primary
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target. it has no data to it. it has no time. they had to then refine the time and when boeing looked at it and saw how fast the airplane had come back over the peninsula, that's when they refined the fuel calculations based on speed, plus, you have to worry about winds aloft, winds aloft will change ground speed and of course it will increase fuel burn if you have a head wind decreased fuel burn if you have a tail wind. all of that was recalculated to come up with this new search area based on a more refined data. but the key here was that the primary data because it has no absolute data information, especially timing, was the hard part and they went back and looked at it and found that the airplane was traveling at a faster speed as it came over the peninsula than they originally thought with regard to the satellite -- >> that's -- >> when you look at the chinese
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and the french and everybody else's satellite information, the data is pixleated but a lot of people say this must be their spy satellites and they are doing this. that's always a possibility, however there is a possibility that they don't have the same definition or resolution on their satellites that we do. and since the united states wasn't looking in that area, there's a high probability we didn't have high resolution photos in that particular area and that's why you're not hearing much about the united states. >> in fact, there is some indication from some of those countries that they don't -- the chinese included, and indians, that they don't want to show their data they don't want to show that they don't really have strong satellite defenses. >> keep it nebulous but they did see objects and that's the purpose of the search in that particular area. now that's it's been refined and
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the airplanes can stay on station longer, that will give us a better opportunity to actually verify that that i have seen during these last reconnaissance runs. >> greg, thanks so much for jumping in with your expertise. ian, it's mid night in perth or later. thanks for being with us, we look forward to the chance that maybe we'll get information on what the spottings were. the number of children with an autism spectrum disorder is rising. as you know we have focused intensively with autism on this program. 1 in 68 children are now identified as having autism spectrum disorder. that is a 30% increase from 2008 to 2010. autism is almost five times more common in boys than girls with 1 in 42 boys diagnosed and 1 in
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chris christie says he had nothing to do with the lane closures on the bridge. the high priced law firm found no direct link to the governor but did not interview key players like bridget kelly and didn't interview people under oath. while the former law firm gave him a clean bill of health, they
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are still investigating the bridge scandal so it does leave a cloud over future presidential ambitions for the governor. >> i think they love me in iowa, too, diane, i've been there a lot. >> this was of course his interview with diane sawyer on abc. christie heads to vegas for what some are calling the sheldon addleson primary as the mega gop fundraiser looks at potential republican contenders. joining me now, "washington post" editorial columnist ruth marcus and ron allen live in trenton. first to you where the governor is going to hold a news conference about 2:30 we're told. >> 2:30 on a friday afternoon, late in the day. and typical maneuver one would say by politicians who want a story to be buried somewhere. this will get a lot of attention and seems to be part of af concerted effort to or kes straight an aggressive defense,
9:19 am
not even subtle. there's a big report done by a law firm you hire and do a big interview on network news and press conference before the big weekend out with a key gop bundler donor. and the report says essentially what you've been saying all along. it leaves christie blameless. some people will buy it and his critics will not. and we'll look to other investigations to be more investigative and some have said a complete whitewash of it. we don't know exactly what happened and why it happened with this all bridge gate affair. that's the big problem with all of this. we expect christie to come out at 2:30 eastern time. he is of course very good, very polished in these particular formats and will joust with the press and probably be clever one-liners as in the interview with diane sawyer last night.
9:20 am
all of this is somewhat predictable and stage craft and theater and the question is, who will believe it and who won't? and it seemed clear from interview last night that christie is still thinking a lot about 2016. will the gop buy this? there's a poll that we did recently that suggested that his negatives are very big even with republicans now. and falling since the bridge-date thing. this is an effort to rejuvenate his image to walk out to las vegas tomorrow with a big report that says i'm innocent. who will believe it? time will tell as the old cliche goe. that's the bottom line. this is his aggressive defense. we'll have to say who will buy it. >> who is going to buy it? ruth marcus, you're a harvard lawyer. let's talk about the fact that they did not have people swear oenls and didn't view david sampson, still ahead of the port
9:21 am
authority and they trashed bridget kelly. >> that was interesting. >> throwing her personal life out there rather than the man that she was supposedly involved with. it's on on her, she was too emotional and cried and did this and that. why they would go only after the woman involved in this -- not just she about the mayor of ft. lee. by the way, the poll numbers we showed on screen were 17 positive, 32 negative, nbc/wall street journal poll, the numbers among all of those polled, not just republicans. >> this is the first chapter of history and first chapter written by someone, a lawyer, law firm with a particular interest in the matter. this is not an objective inquiry into all of the facts. but i will say, and it was a necessarily incomplete because some of the people involved, the critical people involved, it's not they didn't want to talk to them.
9:22 am
they asserted their privileges. that's the sensible, i can say that. i have never practiced law but can tell you that's a sensible thing to do. there's a very, very important fact despite the self-interest of this report that came out yesterday, which is the conversation that david wildstein says he had with the governor on september 11th about the lane closures as they were going on. which the governor, according to the report, does not remember. what exactly was said in the conversation, it's awfully convenient he doesn't remember it. >> this is how rachel maddow cast that very fact last night. >> the guy who did the lane closures says chris christie knew about it while it was happening. says he told him while it was happening and there are pictures of them together on the day and at the occasion where the guy says it happened. there is still no purported explanation from the governor's lawyers or governor himself as to why this happened if it wasn't political retaliation directed from the governor's office. and this is his million dollar
9:23 am
defense. this is the best he's got. and new jersey taxpayers, you paid for it. >> this is all being done on the eve of his trip to las vegas. i referred to the sheldon edleson primary, it was interesting that chris christie did not disavow an interest in 2016. >> they love him in iowa. they are going to love him in new hampshire. how fascinating is it that you know, what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. vegas will rule the republican world this year. the amounts of money due to array of different spending avenues that have become available that individuals -- individual donors grouping together can pour into these races on both sides. but we've seen it in particular recently on the republican side is just extraordinary. >> and sheldon has two big issues, one is israel and other is online gaming so he has big
9:24 am
issues with whoever -- >> some are idealogical and some are corporate. >> exactly. >> thank you very much, ruth marcus and thank you, ron allen. i know you'll be there in trenton for the news conference and we'll bring you his press conference live today at 2:30 eastern here on msnbc. boston is strong but how much can one city take. a the death of two firefighters this week responding to the nine alarm fire. this photo shows firefighters at attention waiting the mother of the fallen -- one of their fallen brothers. the two lost were he had walsh and michael kennedy. michael kennedy had been one of the first responders to the marathon bombing. the picture taken by max wittmer has gone viral today. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats
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president obama arrived in saudi arabia today. a senior administration official said that the relationship with the saudis is quote in a stronger place than it was last fall. when at the time there were sharp differences over aid to the syrian opposition. that would be news to the saudis who have been saying that they no longer believe they can trust president obama, a very tough message delivered to secretary of state john kerry. while i clear my throat, the white house press corps is in rihad to cover the trip except for michael wittmer. >> excuse me, while i get some water. >> you were with the jerusalem post, you're the russian bureau chief of the jerusalem post so you are an american citizen, washington resident. you have traveled with this white house before and other trips and here you were blocked,
9:29 am
the only visa not approved for saudi arabia. what is your explanation? >> i haven't traveled yet with the president. i'm relative new in the white house press corps but it's true, i'm an american citizen, never lived or worked in israel, but i'm the bureau chief for the jerusalem post. i had a bag packed and ready to go and looking forward to the trip. it was my strong preference to go because this coverage is really important to us. it's an important trip for the president. it's an important trip for israeli interests for american interests in the region. >> the jerusalem post has a long track record of having a white house correspondent, wolf blitzer once held that title before he went to cnn. this is a very important posting for you, you're a young correspondent obviously, but you've got the experience and at
9:30 am
the united nations and now, your readers will no have access to firsthand coverage. >> that's actually the most important point, the fact is our reporting benefits from education, it benefits from on the ground coverage. and we're being denied that and the people who lose out, it's not me, it's sort of the paper but mostly it's the readers and the subjects being covered who will not be covered adequately because we won't be on the ground. in terms of blitzer having my position, it's actually interesting because in 1986 he was denied a visa as well when he was with the jerusalem post. and he -- it was actually for jordan and it was actually the white house that was afraid it would cause a diplomatic incident. in this case it was not the case at all. the white house really -- >> in fact, ben rhodes from the
9:31 am
national security council said we were disappointed by the saudi decision and reached out to the government through multiple channels when we became aware of this issue and made it clear that this journalist had access to cover president's trip and we'll continue to raise concerns about why this journalist was denied a visa and strong objection to their decision. the white house correspondents association issued a statement also. but at this point, let's talk about the visit itself because king abdullah has made no secret through his meeting with secretary of state kerry, that they are not happy about what the president did on labor day weekend in deciding to change or pull back and seek congressional approval for any action against syria. they feel the u.s. has not been supportive enough to syrian opposition groups that assad and al qaeda supporting groups have become increasingly popular and strong. so the opposition is now infiltrated with real jihadis
9:32 am
and that is becoming a national security concern in terms of people who are now spreading potentially through europe and potentially targeting the united states from syria. >> look, you mentioned all of the extremists who are operating on the ground in syria, 2500 of those are saudi nationals and they know that and the americans know that and that's a big topic of conversation. right now the president is having that bilateral meeting with king abdullah. and actually just in february the king issued a very rare royal decree in which he said any saudi national traveling abroad with the intention of joining jihadist movements can be jailed for up to 20 years. it was a very harsh move and it was seen as overture before the president arrives and similarly the president was expediting review of as you know his syria
9:33 am
policy. which resulted in exactly what you were saying. >> there were a lot of things on the table, iran as well. the irony is israel and saudis see xretly work behind the scenes on a lot of these policies, including iran. but still, you were denied the visa. thank you for coming here and sharing your insights. >> sure. >> stay with us right here on "andrea mitchell reports." we'll talk about our nation's veterans and the pressing need for health care for them. that's next. ns less scraping. so i'm going pro. [ male announcer ] new crest tartar protection rinse. the only rinse that helps prevent tartar build-up and cavities. a little swishing. less scraping. yes! [ male announcer ] new crest pro-health tartar protection rinse. it helps you escape the scrape. so, what'd you think of the house? did you see the school rating? oh, you're right. hey, babe, i got to go. bye, daddy. have a good day at school, okay? ♪ [ man ] but what about when my parents visit?
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how was prugh.ce? that bad? i dropped 2 balls, mom. eye on the ball! that's all it is. eye on the ball. that's a good tip. i'll try it. by the way, bill... this is delicious! so many grilled tastes and textures. and all the nutrition i need. go on. no really. top notch. (laughing) there it is - there ya go. new american grill from kibbles 'n bits... go together like... food 'n family. after 9/11, 100,000 service members have died by suicide. this is a national tragedy, if we don't reverse the trend, it will be a national shame. >> i want to support the survivors that survive suicide attempts and be here for friends and family and mostly for the veterans i served with and are
9:37 am
affected by this. >> one of the things that people want is a silver bullet solution to a simple problem, suicide is not a simple problem. it's a whole range of problems so you need a whole range of solutions. >> that was an emotional moment in washington on thursday, iraq and afghanistan war veterans sounding an alarm about the epidemic of suicide plaguing our military men and women. on the mall yesterday, vets wounded in combat and they plants flags for each victim in 2014. the statistics this year alone are shocking. the iraq and afghanistan veterans estimate 22 former service members commit suicide every day in this country. that is more than 1900 u sides this year alone. more than 8,000 estimated by the end of this year. joining me to talk about next steps in combatting this epidemic are the leaders, tom tarantino and mankin, a veteran of the wars in iraq and
9:38 am
afghanistan, wounded by an i.e.d. attack that killed six. what reaction are you getting from members of congress at the time of budget cuts, coming out of quester where the pentagon budget is under huge pressure. can you make the case for more mental health care? >> i'm very optimistic. we went from having a solid handout to a bill being announced in a week. there are great leaders like senator walsh from montana, who -- >> he's the only iraq veteran. >> and this happened to his friends and soldiers, he understands very viscerally why this is such a critical issue and why leadership is needed and why congress must come together. >> aaron, you called your return home the worst time in your life. why was it so painful? you came back to face surgery
9:39 am
after surgery, but what was the emotional component to that. >> in the nearly nine wars -- nine years that i've been recovering now, close to 70 surgeries in that process, there's so much adaptation you have to learn how to live life all over again. all of those expectations and futures you plan for yourself, you have to redo those dreams all over again. especially within a system that makes it hard to find the care you need when you're out there looking for it. >> the va. >> yes. >> and the backlog we've talked about before, which was just appalling. then we had the shutdown, government shutdown where they lost pace in catching up to the backlog, what was the family support that you had and how has your family helped you adjust? >> when i was going through my depression and contemplating suicide, i had my family support, friends and family there for me.
9:40 am
so many guys don't have that support. we want to make sure that we're here for him and a resource for them. they do have someone that reaches out and that cares enough to be here fighting for them, to make sure changes are made. >> did you feel support for the mission? we know what happened to the vietnam returning vets, but did you feel americans support your service? >> certainly do. certainly do. i feel like if there were 22 deaths a day on the battlefield, there would be a national outcry. changes would be made instantously to get the support we need on the field. i never ran out of bullets when i was in the country but i come here and have needs and resources to ensure that not just that i'm alive, we do so well, our proficiency in battlefield medicine, we have survivors our country has never seen before. there's a quality of living and quality of life we owe to them that they earned. >> that you have earned.
9:41 am
you have come to my attention, our attention because of willie geist, one of his "today" show heroes for very good reasons. what do you say to members of congress? let's say if i were a senator or member of congress, what is the appeal for mental health care and more resources to the va? >> the appeal is long-term, it's not just the effects it has right now and the seats that they hold, but? generations to come, we're so far behind the curve in our ability to provide for service members coming into the system as afghanistan draws down and defense cuts are eminent. there's more stress going to be put on the system. we have to be sure that they are equipped for that. they need to make choices on the long run, not just depending on where they are in their own campaigns, but this is something that affects all of us and will for generations to come. if we can make changes now, we're that farther to meeting
9:42 am
that obligation. >> aaron mankin thank you for your service which continues to this day. tom, thank you, as always. >> thank you. >> former white house regulator joins me next. stay with us. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone. there's not one way to do something.
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she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you. the former regulation czar has been called a radical extremist and most dangerous man in the america and pure evil. that's only some of the slams he put on his own book cover, conspiracy theories and other ideas. joining me, cass, thank you very much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> why do people believe in conspiracy theories? what is this willingness in human nature to believe in conspiracies? >> there are three things going on if there's a tragic event or something that scares people,
9:46 am
there's an a tendency seize on an explanation and if it's suggested that people in authority are hiding something or up to something terrible, it can be an outlet for the fear oranger. the other thing, social networks, if you have information that can be restricted to like minded people, information can spread like wildfire and might not be corrected. and third thing is some people just have a natural or nearly natural inclination either because of their own background or history to believe that conspiracy theories are true. >> and when you mention social networks, it strikes me that social networks and propaganda and government controlled information fuels this. in particular, you write that conspiracy theories in terrorism have a connection. many terrorist acts have been fueled by false conspiracy theories and there's a good argument they would not have occurred in the absence of such
9:47 am
theories the most puzzling, they are often held by people who are not crazy at all. >> that's right. often the people who want to do us harm and have violence on their mind, they aren't actually crazy in any political sense. there are networks of people who have terrible views of the united states that are based not on reality but how information is spreading in the networks and that is a serious challenge in the coming decades. >> certainly in the most recent case is the airplane mystery, people are fascinated by mysteries but those involved, those directly involved, the families, are sort of inundated with conspiracy theories and generating their own partly because fueled by all of the confusion, the misleading leads. we had another one today where the search zone was moved. if i were a family member, you
9:48 am
know, my husband, my child were on that plane, i might be very willing to believe that the government was simply conspireing to come up with a theory and that plan was sitting somewhere in kazakhstan on a landing strip. >> no question, when you're facing a tragedy, a loss of loved ones, to be receiving information that's contradictory or unclear, that's compounding your sadness and anger. and to be able to seize on an outlet for it, like there's someone actually behind it who is conspireing, that could be emotionally attractive. we find under conditions of economic distress or national security threats or just chaos, either in your immediate vicinity because there's been a tragedy or in your social situation, then conspiracy theories tend to prosper. >> you follow some of the examples of dan hanneman and
9:49 am
other behavior economists who talk about the human component to this and human theory and you had it is built into the human condition and understanding of conspiracy theories has broad implications for the spread of information and beliefs and many erroneous judgments including those that play a damaging role in the political arena are the same that produce conspiracy theories. there's an impact on democracy. >> no question. one thing the behavioral types have emphasized, there's a system of cognitive operations in the brain that works fast and another system that works slower. sometimes the fast one is really what is driving our thinking. so in politics, if you're really suspicious of someone, the president or the speaker of the house of representatives, to seize on something that is an apparent fact that suits your outrage or your emotional state, you can believe it and spread it
9:50 am
and that can create a kind of polarization that isn't helpful for self-government and i do think we're seeing not so much conspiracy theories, though they are playing a role, butt terribe rumors or accusations which makes productive interchange harder. >> cass sunstein, it is fascinating. thank you for this compilation of essays and sparking this conversation. >> pleasure to be here. >> we'll be back with a little inspiration for friday afternoon. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ]
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the towering center connected with the little girl battling cancer. >> she sensed about him that was special. >> i lost my mom and grandmother
9:54 am
and don't know how it is losing a child or going through something like that. >> the two really like to color together. >> that's how i color when i was with you. >> looks like you've become a much better colorer. >> yeah. >> that was nbc's stephanie gosk with michigan state star center adrian payne and fan lacy. they take on virginia tonight at madison square garden. no matter who wins, payne is clearly a winner. this tells you the best possible message. we talk a lot about college athletics and the problems. this adrian payne is a star. >> it's march madness all the time in my house but it's nice to see march kindness. and especially coming from these athletes, they are so coddled and so heroicized, i know that's not a word, to see somebody that young be able to think outside himself and his own universe and to reach out to this young girl,
9:55 am
it was really beautiful and touching. >> according to stephanie's report, they met when he was making a hospital visit and they bonded and this child just keco to him and they have now become pals and he texts her all the time and she him. she will be there in madison square garden tonight as well when they play. >> a great use of celebrity at the very young age. >> thank you, ruth, very much. >> enjoy the game. >> that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." monday, howard wolfson and car ren bass among others. my colleague, ronan farrow has a look at what's next. >> great show today, andrea. >> thank you. >> won't want to go away. ahead on "ronan farrow daily," first story as first responders are searching desperately for survivors after this massive mud slide in washington state. we talk to a whistle blower
9:56 am
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10:00 am
of a carefully orchestrated rollout campaign. >> rescue teams are looking for survivors but only recovered bodies. >> we're trying to help any way we can. we're a tight knit town. >> australian search crews used new radar data to shift the area 683 miles northeast of the area they've been covering for the past few days. >> you just don't want me to get to my headline on obama care. >> more than 6 million americans have signed up for the new health care plan days before the march 31st deadline. texas senator ted cruz was speaking at the recent event and quoted winston churchill and started impersonating him. >> we shall fight on beaches and landing grounds and fields and in the street. we shall fight in the hills. we shall never surrender! >> what? even
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